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Central Oregon

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Bio-Control ... Crooked River Weed Management Area

The Crooked River Weed Management Area has begun to give noxious weeds a taste of their own medicine.  Bio-control simply means that we control an invasive organism with the use of another organism.  Noxious weeds are not native and have no natural enemies in their new found homes, which is why they tend to out compete our native plants.  Therefore, we bring pest species from their native land, that only feed or harm them, and distribute them on our populations in order to control them in a natural way.  Bio-controls are usually a last resort when nothing else seems to work.  It's also no easy task getting bio-controls ready for work. Often times it takes decades of testing to ensure they will not harm our native plants. Out of hundreds of pests from other countries you may only get one or two species that can be brought to the USA for use on noxious weeds. These are some tried and true bio-controls that we use in our program.

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Canada thistle

Dalmatian toadflax

Field bindweed

Leafy spurge

Russian knapweed

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