Crooked River Weed Management Area

Central Oregon

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Noxious Weeds ... Crooked River Weed Management Area

Crook County Noxious Weed List .... List last updated January 24, 2018

Class A Noxious Weeds

Yellow starthistle Dalmatian toadflax Scotch thistle Wild Carrot
Rush skeletonweed Musk thistle Jointed goatgrass

Tansy ragwort

Purple loosestrife African rue Yellowflag iris
Squarrose knapweed
Mediterranean sage  Eurasian watermilfoil

Leafy spurge (all areas except Mill Creek drainage and within 50ft of the high water mark on Crooked River) 

Class B Noxious Weeds

Canada thistle Common Groundsel Poison Hemlock Russian knapweed
Diffuse knapweed Spiny sowthistle Puncturevine Myrtle spurge
St. Johnswort Scotch broom Houndstongue Spotted knapweed
Whitetop Medusahead rye Perennial Pepperweed


Class C Noxious Weeds

Teasel Russian thistle Kocia
Bull thistle Western water hemlock Yellow sweetclover
Common Mullien Bur buttercup Field bindweed
 Chicory Ventenata
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